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Imagine a Pokemon world with a true MMORPG experience, where there are no limitations to explore, battle, and interact with fellow players. That world is Pokémon Universe Online, from ex-staff members of Pokemon Revolution Online comes a brand-new breathtaking 3D experience never seen before. We are searching for knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated people to join our team.
Experience and dedication is a key component; we are looking for people that have time to dedicate to our project. All applicants must use Discord as it is our main form of communication. Anyone wishing to apply for a staff position must send us a sample of your work and/or your portfolio. Our game engine of choice is Unity. Below are our staff recommendations and requirements, take a look and see if you have what it takes to join an exciting project and a motivated team!
Staff Openings & Requirements
Developers - must be experienced in C# and Unity
3D Modelers -  duties include creating highly accurate maps and other, need to have basic knowledge of tools such as blender etc.
2D Artist -  duties include creating custom artwork for our website, forums, UI and custom textures and pixel art
We are not in need of any moderators, testers or researchers.
Upcoming Features
- As of now we are in working on Johto, afterward production will begin on Kanto.
- All 16 badges to collect + Pokémon League
- PvP and Trading
- 3D Battle like in Black/White
- Tournaments
- Puzzles, challenges (daily and one time only)
- Achievements
- Much more
Future Implementations – not to be implemented any time soon.
- Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova
- User made maps (Most upvoted maps will be implemented, if done correctly and has a plot to it).
Game Progress
Around 300 hours of work done thus far such as
- Sprites, buildings, and Overworld items 100%
- Johto overworld mapping and animations 50%
- Day/Night System 50%
- Surfing/Grass Mapping Collisions50%
- Doorways (enter/exiting overworld and indoor maps) 50%
To Do
- Johto Indoor Maps
- Game Mechanics balancing
- and much more
 New Bark Town

Violet City

Ruins Of Alph

Contact Information - feel free to message me on this site but the preferred methods are listed below as they will prompt a faster reply.
Discord  -  Qhaur#7874
Email  -

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