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I have two suggestions:

1. Don't have significant silences in your speech files. Divide the lines whenever there is a long pause, and trim the audio files to contain near-constant dialog. Forget about lipsync and just use regular AGS talk animations.
2. As you have tried to do, edit the sync-files to only distinguish silent periods (frame X in Rhubarb terms) from speaking periods, and then fill the speaking periods with a standard sequence of frames. Since this is tedious work, it would be best to automate it unless the number of lines to sync is very small.

If you are getting errors with the edited sync files, you have made some error in the editing. Without seeing the files or the error message there is no way to tell what that might be, but one possibility is that your text-editing app uses the wrong format for the line endings (one way to test this would be to take a sync file that is confirmed to work, and delete and reinsert a line ending and see if it breaks).

Notepad ++ is the editor of choice, btw. Sounds like some great advice there! Thanks as always, i will try some more!.
The instagram link works on my Laptop (Secondary Computer) that is NOT logged into Facebook or Instagram. However if going thru https://www.instagram.com/andreasblack1/ you can't hit the play button it seems and need to login. I don't have the mp4 left on my system since it crashed some month ago, and i'm back with a new HDD. But anyway, it doesn't matter.

It's funny you'd say that tho. Cause that's exactly what i've tried earlier today. But you get this feeling that you still want to manually be able to control the overall speech animation delay sometimes in sections, i guess in a way it could still be done, just like you say with AGS "own" lipsync support. If i type "SpeechAnimationDelay" out just before "a fast" line" or a word is said, in code. However that means i could only have "that word" in that line, or else all the others words get affected which may not be fast in nature, which could in theory i believe be better done with the Total Lipsync in the actual syncfile manually (nod). I should take a look at your chart and line them up in the syncfile and experiment more, and try add rows of 01.10, 01.20, 01.30 etc etc.

I'm after the ability to change speed of the animation on different words (so in a way i guess that could be called "Animation syncing", but different then lipsyncs original feature, *frame syncinc* (?)). Cause at the moment it get's stuck a lot of times on "one frame", which looks aweful. I hate to swear in Church, but Thimbleweed Park alltho a great game, had the same fate. Sometimes the mouth shapes are stuck for too long, and it looks down right aweful.  Just because this worked in Sony Vegas tho, doesn't mean it would in an AGS editor. (laugh). But what i've just explained was exactly what i did in Sony Vegas. The ability to sometimes speed up the 10 frame sequence mp4, sometimes slow it down, and then *insert closed mouth* at silent places automatically with Total Lipsync (i had to do that manually in Vegas ofc). Would be a totally killer feature! (nod)

Maybe the easiest way to describe it should have been to say this: Bypass one frame function for words, and just have an overall speed animationdelay setting for chosen sections of the text (if text + audiosync will be available). Forexample you could type something like, "break" in the syncfile and it would "recognise" that OK that was that line/or word, and then the next line or word that comes get's a new potential animationspeed, or keeps the same unless the user choose to change it. To the users liking, and when there is no sound under -40-50db *insert noisegate* = closed mouth frame or a animation for closing the mouth, how cool would that be!. I know i'm talking out of my ass here :). I'm no coder! I just enjoy AGS so much. Had a lot of fun lately, and even getting the lips to move "somewhat" is an epic win it itself Snarky! Thanks to your hardwork that was possible! But then you start dreaming "wouldn't it be possible to do this", and so on, so forth. What i've done so far with the Total Lipsync is probably good enough for the majority of people. It's just that my perfectionist spirit see's other possibilities, and now i've gotten them out of my system. Feels better now. Thank you! :)

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