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First of all: Thank you, abstauber for this nice template! Gefällt mir! ;)

I'm currently working on my first game and I changed some GUIs and sprites to match my taste. Among others I replaced the verbs with the ones shown in the screenshot.
Now I'm not sure, if (when I release this game sometime) I might get problems because it looks too similar to the original Thimbleweed-verbs. (although I drew them totally new for that low resolution, 320x180)

Should I change it? What do you all think?  ???

Here's a comparison of both:


Thimbleweed Park:


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Wow, those graphics look really nice!

Well the button font is quite close to the one of Thimbleweed Park - I'd say if you go commercial, you might want to go for a more independet route.

But if it's freeware I don't see any issues at all - the font (also the color) fits your game perfectly (as far as I can tell from your background)

Thank you very much for your feedback! And you confirmed what I already thought.
I don't know, if it's going to be freeware or commercial - it will depend on how complex the game will finally be, full length or not... We'll see. It's still at an early stage.
So I think I'll keep the sprites for now and maybe make some new ones later.

By the way, I would give the actual sprites to anyone who's interested in using them. Just let me know...