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Dr. Moby: Meal Adventure
« on: 03 Jan 2004, 04:12 »
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   Okay, this is my first completed game after all of this time. Yes, I know it's not that good, but it was fun to make. This is probably some of the worst artwork I have ever done in my life. Maybe if I say that this was an experiment on learning how to work AGS, then everything will be okay. This was an experiment on learning how to work AGS. Now everything will be all better. The story is stupid.
   There is no music for this reason: I don't ever have my speakers on. I know that in some games it is important to listen, but this game is not one of them. I hate music. =P

Thank you for your time and comments.

Game Notes
Dr. Moby is a game where you have to find food for your Boss's children. Here's a tip:

Find three healthy food items to combine.
Find three unhealthy food items to combine.
Find something to make these meals addictive.

Right-click for the inventory, loading, saving, exiting, and help file.

There is a bug where the cursor changes into the foot. Just right click and click on the normal cursor, then click okay. Everything should rework again.
{If anyone can help me out on this bug, it would be greeted with much thanks.}
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Re:Dr. Moby: Meal Adventure
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the game is good enough for a first try  ;D

there are some little bugs:

1- if you visit granny and pick up the poster, the guy in the donuts shop won't tell you why he need a slogan...he could do it but only before you give him the slogan...spooky

2- the gui is sweety but not easy to use.


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Re:Dr. Moby: Meal Adventure
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It's a nice game. Not a masterpiece, but nice. :)
I noticed the bug where the foot appears, and it also appeared the hand once when I played it.
The hint you gave in the readme and the post were really the only help throughout the game, maybe you should have located them somewhere in the game so it was more logical to solve.
The graphics are lovely, very colorful (except for the city scene, or whatever that place is). I was a little annoyed by the fact you couldn't actually walk, but just use the 'interact' cursor over everything, even to get from one place to another. I think it's ok, but it gives the game a feeling that it's too much limited.
Some music, even if it's just one wacky midi that loops during the entire game would be nice, no need of sound effects, though, I can't think of a place where you could use them.
The puzzles are easy... well... more than that.. they were obvious... :P But it's ok for a short game, specially if it's your first one.
The ending scene was... well... short, but I guess you were tired enough of the game when you scripted it. ;)
Spoiler: ShowHide

A small bug: when mixed with grease, the napkin doesn't dissappear from you inventory, check that out.

Now, I'm looking forward to see another (better ;) ) game from you. Keep up the good work!
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Re:Dr. Moby: Meal Adventure
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yeap. some objects don't disappear...and you can pick up 2/3/4 times some items (like in chinese restaurant)

Re:Dr. Moby: Meal Adventure
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A brilliant first effort!  But I founnd the the gui a bit hard to use - tried using magnifying glass and it won't tell me what any of the items are  :-\  and couldn't really make out what I was ending up with.


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Re:Dr. Moby: Meal Adventure
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Oh, yes, I forgot to mention that the fact that the description cursor gave no descriptions at all was quite dissappointing. :P
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Re: Dr. Moby: Meal Adventure
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Gorgeous fun game. The foot is a nice bonus.
I had finally found the game at http://api.256file.com/moby.exe/m-download-494555.html
That gave me Drmoby.zip
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Re: Dr. Moby: Meal Adventure
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That game doesn't even have a database entry, so it's nice that you found a copy. Still...ALMOST FOURTEEN YEARS is some marvelous necro-posting! 8-0
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