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Hooray!  I've finally completed my MAGS entry for June 2017.

Rosaura Docelestial: Rescue from Despair

This takes a different spin on the "Rescue" theme.  In this case, Rosaura Docelestial, the title heroine, is trying to save a young boy on Earth from his own despair.

To help him, she is planning to get three items for his birthday.

This is a 640 x 480 resolution game.  And it's better viewed in Windowed mode.  So click Winsetup to get it to Window mode.  If it does that error message that says it might not be properly installed, that's okay, as AGS is a wee bit ornery at times.  Just click the link that it was installed properly.  Then double-click "RosauraMAGS" to play.  I made it so hopefully I won't need to put something in Hints & Tips. (laugh)

You can find the game here:


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Congratulations on the release! Looks wonderful! I love the little angel cursor icon.


I just finished playing the game and had a lot of fun with it.

The story was cute and I could tell you put a lot of work into the interactions with the other characters: They always had a reply appropriate to the situation, which is something even commercial games often get wrong. After quests were finished the characters knew to not continue sending me on the quest and had something interesting to say. Especially seeing as most players will probably not ever talk to them again after the quest is complete, this shows care, attention to detail, and a love for your game and its characters. Very well done!

The music was always pleasing, except for the initial jumpscare when I started the game!


JUMPSCARE WARNING FOR PLAYERS: It's probably best if you turn your computer volume down to about 50% before opening the game, because that menu screen music is LOUD! (There is an ingame volume control you can use afterwards)

Oh, and speaking of ingame controls: I could literally go to my kitchen and bring back a drink before the character walked across one screen. About halfway through the game I found the speed control and turned it up to 100%. This made the game a lot more enjoyable.

The visuals were very pleasing in a bold and simple way. I especially liked the attention to details such as the custom cloud text bubbles, the custom graphics for the control panel and action bar, and the charming animation on the river. The main character animation was good for the up and down walking. The side walking view could perhaps use some work.

I liked the ditzy and positive main character and enjoyed reading her reactions to trying every cursor icon on everything. Well done on writing unique interactions for every single combination instead of the usual "That makes no sense." stock replies. And, fitting with her personality, her replies were always positive, never putting the player down for trying a crazy interaction like talking to a bridge. That's a trap even professional game devs often fall into, so well done on keeping away from that kind of writing and keeping the game light and enjoyable.

Now, a few things that I didn't love so much:
Spoiler: ShowHide

* The noisy jumpscare on the opening menu and the sloooooow walking speed, but these are fixable by the player so no biggie. But perhaps turn down the default volume and turn up the default walk speed? I only found the speed control by accident and I fear many players may just quit out of the game from frustration at the slow walking speed before ever finding the control. The game has many fun locations to explore when exploring feels fun and not like a chore, and it would be a shame if this experience was spoiled.

* The accents and vocabulary of the different characters were a bit on the nose for me. Some might even take offense. As an Australian I didn't feel offended (we're pretty used to this typical image of us), but I still didn't really enjoy the stereotyping. Also the accents made the text a little difficult to read fluidly sometimes which breaks immersion for me a bit. I don't think the game would lose anything by just having the characters talk a bit more normally.

* I wish the game didn't hold my hand as much for some of the quests: Especially the cloud-fluff one. I would have felt much more satisfaction working that one out for myself.

* The final cutscene is a real shame: You have drawn a touching scene but the text bubbles hide the middle and most important part of the picture! The player can only catch glimpses of the scene that is supposed to be the satisfying reward for finishing the game. I hope you fix this in a future version because it left me feeling a bit peeved right at the end.

Apart from these few points, and they are only my opinion of course, I had a really fun time with the game and would recommend it as a light and enjoyable playing experience.

Well done indeed!
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Hooray!  I've finally completed my MAGS entry for June 2017.

Finally? I've hardly started mine. I've still got a loooong way to go! (laugh)

Congratulations on getting it done! I'll probably play it a bit later on in the month, when I have a bit more time. :)


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@Mandle Yeah, I kinda forgot to set the music to "quiet" in the coding (or at least some "medium volume").  Maybe in future games I could use the extra days in the month to test where the dialogue and stuff pops up so it doesn't obstruct the view of the characters.
[Update] I got the speed fixed as well as getting the dialogue to not block characters.  As for volume, I did try to fix that, but hadn't noticed a change at my end--maybe it'll be noticeable at your end.
[Update 2] Using what I learned from you, Mandle, I hopefully fixed the sound loudness problem.
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I enjoyed this. Charming game and great job in the time you did it.
But to be honest I think you could have taken advantage of the spare three weeks to make it even better.

A simple game full of good intentions. I wish the angel could have really helped the boy solve his problems. Consoling him was a start.
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Fantastic job for a first-time AGS developer.  And this guy finished first -- he should unlock the Speedy Gonzales achievement or something!

Loved the game, very sweet and kind-hearted, that's just about helping people out and being a good person just because.  Kind of refreshing in that way.

Great work man!

Fantastic atmosphere, especially with your music choice, at times it felt like a Ghibli movie or classic jrpg!
The scenario which the game is based on I thought really interesting.
I was very surprised to see you enter this game only a week or so after the contest had been announced. Like others I definitely feel the game could have benefited with a bit more attention to details and features that could have been done with extra time worked on it. I would love to see you make an improved version of this, and perhaps work a bit more on the player walk/movement which I think is pretty OK as it is, but you seem to be missing a frame or two in the animation to complete the walk cycle?
Asides from that I really though this was charming, and the theme in particular was very clever, its a very strong theme to build a game around.

Even though I thought you entered this way too early, well done anyway on getting it complete, and I hope to see more from you soon!

I liked the pleasant JRPG tunes you picked, they seemed well suited to wandering around up in the clouds. I think the atmosphere (no pun intended) could have been further helped by a little more detail and depth to the backgrounds. I know you acknowledge certain limitations when Rosaura looks at the palace from the bridge, but that's a good example of a room where the background art could really draw the player in, and it doesn't need to be a jaw-dropping riot of colour. Still, in the time you had, working alone, I can understand going with the style you chose.

I agree with Mandle about the scripting being solid - you've anticipated most things the player might try, with lots of special descriptions and reactions. Well done.

Keep it up!
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