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Wow, the new screenshots look great!


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Looks amazing, love me some cyberpunk :) Will definitely keep an eye on this!

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This is totally on my watch list!

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Looks really nice! :-D
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You really should post a new screenshot ;)


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I heard you have some new screenshots to show! Sorry that you can't show.

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Love the look!

Only thing I a bit dislike is so huge empty space between dialog lines.
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One more screenshot, art streaming and Future Flashback in a game event!

Whoa! Thanks HanaIndiana, Blondbraid, Privateer Puddin' and horusr We will try to keep up with more screenshots (look down in this post for one more! More to come reaaaally soon)! ;)
Cassiebsg, maybe it's the future 8-0! JSH, ToxicTuba, FireFlower, thank you, we will try to update here more!  Noted your observation too _InCreator_! :-D

- . - . -

Ricardo Juchem streamed his art for a background from Future Flashback here on Twitch!

Here it is in game!

- . - . -

Also, in a local event here in Brazil we took our game for people to play! It was very cool!

Read more on how it went on our blog...

- . - . -

We also created a game poster! Click on the image below to follow and download it from our blog!

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Hey guys!

We went to an event here in Rio de Janeiro, called Geek & Game Rio Festival and we had a stand to present Future Flashback, where people were able to play it! It was a great - although exhausting - experience, and we wrote about it on our blog. For the game itself, it was like a marathon of playtesting where we could observe players interacting with the game, and listen to what they had to say. We saw many father-daughter, mother-son, couples, and other pair thoroughly excited by the game and it was really cool seeing they play, people lining up, asking things! Really rich experience!

You can read more on our blog... Share our post on Twitter or Facebook !


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Cool, sounds like you had a blast, learned a lot and got people exited about your game! (nod)
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Hey maybe you guys already read in the blog post...

but in case you didn't... Just passing to say we are going to AdventureX! I am both excited and terrified!

If you happen to be around please go to our table meet us and play our game. (nod)

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Man, this game looks very nice. You guys and your creations never cease to amaze me. Your inspiration and the process of being mentally stimulated to make this is another very looking foward to play game. Thanks! You have made this old man excited. :shocked:
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Thanks sawyer! Hopefully you will be able to play it on next year! :-D

New Blog post on taking Future Flashback to AdventureX 2018...

Now I wrote there just a little bit of the experience and the games and all that. One of the most amazing parts was actually being able to meet in person many of the people here in the forum, for which I am very grateful. Some people I didn't get who was when I was there, and only figure out once I came back home. I like very much this forum, but been able to meet in person is very much incredible.

I now need to keep working on my game so that everyone is able to play it on full one day.

Thanks everyone for being awesome people! 8-)

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Just a screenshot saturday update. Making a small library here.  8-)

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AAAAUUURRRGGHHH!!!!!!!  All those opening and closing things!  The blinking screen!  The scrolling screen!  The circling thingy!  It's a glorious sensory overload! :)

For a shorter way of saying the above - nice job mate!

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Thank you so much @CaptainD ! Because you liked it, I added this screenshot to the blog post body linked below...  :-D

2018 Recap

Hey everyone! 2018 was an amazing year!

The coolest thing for me was that I finally met many wonderful people from this community in person!

I also was able to play many great games developed by the community here and on the Discord AGS Channel.

I hope 2019 is a good year for narrative games! I wrote a recap of what happened in 2018 and added some bonus content that you guys may or may not find interesting!  8-)

Read more on the blog...