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Author Topic: It's a Bugs Life  (Read 1369 times)


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It's a Bugs Life
« on: 01 Jan 2018, 06:26 »

Life in the garden can be pretty dangerous if you are a Bug.
Download "It's a Bugs Life"

Story Line:
Poor Bert Bug fell off the dog on the way to the new family home: a shed. Now Bert Bug has to find his way to their new home which means walking through a dangerous garden filled with assorted characters, some are friendly and some are not.
This is definitely a case where some invisibility would help!
Will Bert Bug make it home in one piece and be reunited with his family?

This endearing game is not too long but you will need to find solutions to problems you face on your quest to make it home...
Some Characters Bert faces:
* Shah Snake
* Baz the Red Ant
* Sammy Slug
* Freddie Frog
* Marvin Mantis
and more.....

Includes a mini game with Mick Mole...

Screenshots [Long Scrollable Room):

320 X 200
32 Bit color
Direct3D 9 hardware acceleration
Download "It's a Bugs Life"

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