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Abscission - updated May 2020
« on: 17 May 2020, 08:37 »
Hello all,

I am a first time developer (who carefully reads the tutorials and FAQs!) making a horror themed adventure (with Lovecraftian vibes) called Abscission.

The story centers around Detective Bill Stanhope, in the fictional town of Ashfield in 1991. What begins as a seemingly routine (though savage) murder, begins to descend into a larger web of curious infections, body horror and tragedy. The player must progress through the story by talking to characters, combining clues, looking for evidence, solving puzzles, whilst fighting the effects of a dwindling sanity.

Progress so far:

The story is 90% plotted (there is always room for improvement). I am also adding a lot of lore that can be found (such as old case files, news reports, etc) in order to enrich the world and increase immersion.
The story locations are around 40% completed.
I have added a journal system to keep track of story points, a map system for exploration (with locations opening up depending on player actions, connecting clues, etc), and a cell phone (80's brick style!) to speak to other characters, and cutscenes.

A branching narrative depending on the player's interaction choices, a text parser database (classic green screen) to search for addresses, suspect backgrounds, etc).

I welcome all feedback as I want to make the best game I can, and it's the only way to improve. Thank you to the people who have commented, it's much appreciated :)

Thanks, Jake
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Re: Abscission
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Love the look of this, awesome to have another horror genre creator on board.
Best of luck with the development!


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Re: Abscission
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Hi Yanek_Crispbread

Earlier on this afternoon I was raving about an up and coming game called
The Adventures of Black Hawk.

I now find myself going into raptures again over Abscission.

I will be looking forward to the release of another old school game

Who needs technical wizardry etc. when far more interesting and fulfilling
games, such as yours, can be produced.

Horror rules OK!  :grin:

Re: Abscission
« Reply #3 on: 27 May 2020, 15:20 »
This looks cool. So it is a horror detective game where you have to look for clues and solve a mystery?
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Re: Abscission
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This is looking really, really nice!  I can't wait to play it!

Re: Abscission
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Very good looking art!

Re: Abscission - updated May 2020
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Looking good!!