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Testers no longer Wanted
« on: 23 Sep 2017, 14:30 »
No longer required

Enjoy the comedic ride as Fred Flintrock and Barney Pebbledash (parody of the Flintstones) endeavor to obtain a Dodo's egg as Wilma, Fred's wife, has planned omelette and Trex Burgers for Lunch... Of course things are never that simple...especially if you happen to be Fred Flintrock...

A NASA bag falls out of a wormhole and lands at Fred's feet, having been accidentally dumped into the wormhole from the far future.

Are what's inside the NASA bag going to help Fred get a Dodo's egg?

"Is that wise, Fred?"
"I'm the brains around here, Barney!"

Objectives and obstacles:
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You'll have to find out (laugh)

'Fred and Barney meet the future' is for September's Mag competition.

Please PM

Specs: 320 x 200.... 32-Bit.... Direct3D9.... NOT a demo....

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