Author Topic: [AGS HELP WANTED] Puzzle Designer/Progammer for Retro-Graphic Adventure "Killers"  (Read 732 times)

Hello everyone,

i need help in puzzledesign, AGS-scripting and game design ideas...

im searching for a puzzledesigner for a game with low colorcount.
Its influenced by retro Nintendo. I need help and

The story is around the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene.
One out of a group of Metal Heads looses the tickets for an Iron Maiden gig in the park after drinking and doing drugs.
After come back in the park there are mysterious things going on. First he meets a zombie or demon in the park und other things are strange also.
He has to find whats behind of all and how to fight it. And find the tickets, certainly...Has Walty the pensioner, the man who cleans the park throw them in the trashcan?

Here are some pics of the game:

I like to focus myself more to graphics :)

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Hey, this looks very interesting! I've done a couple of games and I would love to help you out

Im looking forward to work with you. Sent you an PN. :)