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with the release of blender 2.79 this free piece of software is getting better and better and there is no better time to start getting into blender than now (great, this line always works, I just have to update the blender version number :D). More and more AGSers are using blender, myself included, so think of this thread as a place to share your blender artworks aside from the critiques longe, a place to ask questions about blender, no matter if for your game backgrounds, lighting, or just some animation you do beside gamemaking and as a place to share and read about interesting tricks and shortcut for using blender.

Buckethead wrote a blender plugin to automate exporting gfx for AGS games:

The new denoising feature for the cycles render engine is absolutely awesome. As the name hints at it denoises the resulting rendered image a lot.

jump to #1:30 in the video to see the comparison!

blender is getting better at aniating 2d as well with v2.79, just look at this video demonstrating the many uses of the grease pencil and cool distortion maps over images and smooth interpolation of these.

and I found a cool Addon for blender that turns the edit mode into destructive like in sketchup. And it is called Destructive Extrude.

and the 19kb of python code are free! But you are encouraged to give the author some money if it really helps you.

Do you use any interesting addons for blender? I wouldn't mind updating the first post with all kind of interesting and useful blender addons and other blender related stuff for people new to blender.

Nice; i didn't know about the denoising feature. I will try it for large-scale renders :)

One of my own creations, the Hagia Sophia:

x1 x2 x4 x8
just some 3d doodle in blender :)
36 frames.
0 ideas how to use that in a game 8-) :-D

It could be the overlord of some personal nightmare, though a more radiozoic form would work better as that ^^


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