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Re: the blender 3D thread
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been busy with blender quite a bit...


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Re: the blender 3D thread
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Those are awesome!
Specially the last one has some great detail that makes it look very high quality and real.  (nod)
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Re: the blender 3D thread
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Nice Work KyriakosCH, would love to see some of your buildings in a little higher resolution :)  but i know/assume they are intended for a specific resolution for a game

Well I have been following ToxicTuba's / selmiak's work closly for a while now and his latest things are truly outstanding, I also remarked on how the latest work (the moody stairwell accent) is one of my faves so far.
And since you posted I may as well take the opportunity to say toxictuba has been one of the biggest inspirations and encouraging factors for me to try experiment with these sorts of abstract visuals/motion graphics, I might even go as far to say if it was not for him and another person I also admire for his abstract visuals I may never have considered trying it myself at all. So  huge thank you to selmiak/toxic tuba!

And speaking of which, I had not posted in a while since I honestly thought the thread had died a bit, but am delighted to see both KyriakosCH and Toxictuba show off their latest awesome creations.
So I have a bit of a backlog with regards posting on the forum here, I will  use smaller pictures and fonts this time as not to so spam the whole page :D

Dont Forget you can fully explore all my things live over on Sketchfab by clicking the link below each link,  viewing them live is how they were intended to be viewed, so feel free to explore around with your mouse/zoom in out, etc
And as ever, all my things are best viewed on fullscreen,  as the temporal AA on sketchfab dose not do very well when viewing in a window.
Some of them will require a decent pc or graphics card to view optimally.
Some are experiments on how to get around the limitations in Sketchfab such as the inability to animate lights, animate textures/materials , inability to animate camera and other factors
Some have an issue with looping (in particular the ones that run for a longer time) with a slight pause/glitch at the end / start of the loops.

Anyhoo, here is my latest things since i posted here last....

Planck Flux

Cyber Cubes

Cosmic Koi

Pulsating Peapods

Spectral Bioluminescence

Locked Loaded

Modular Matrix

Kaleidoscopic Perception

Phoenix Egg

Ethereal Cones

Entangled Tori

Moonray Logo

Iced Glownuts

[He] 2s²2p⁶ Fluorescence

Fibonacci Flux

Dark Star

Eighties Vision

Plasmatic Vortices

Entangled Spirals

Twisty Spiroknots

Incandescent Helix

Luminous Chromascape

Twisty Orbs

Disco Tech

Cyber Orb

apologies for the spam again :D  I tried to make them as compact as possible on the forum page,   enjoy!

Re: the blender 3D thread
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This is by no means anything spectacular but I think it will fit in my postapocalyptic game

And I did another really boring model....but you never know when you might need it :D
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Re: the blender 3D thread
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What add-ons do you guys like to use? I've been having fun with Grid Modeller and Random Flow.

Re: the blender 3D thread
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hi retro wolf,
I dont use any addons as such apart from a couple of blender proprietary ones like the spiral addon that expands the types of spiral curves you can create, which I have got a lot of use / fun out of,  then i also installed the bool tools addon and i think thats pretty much it


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Re: the blender 3D thread
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My wip of a Byzantine cathedral.

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