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UPDATE: This is the latest and probably last version I will be uploading since there is little feedback.

Welcome to the town of Pandor. A remote mountain town that the king decided to repopulate. Choose nine Pandorians and start... watching. Wait, what?! That's right! Pandor is a simulation game that you watch and let it run itself. Pandorians are talking to each other, liking or disliking each other, giving blessing, buying and selling, working, stealing, building their homes, inspiring each other and much more. Will your town endure Viking hordes, plague, famine or storms? How long can Pandor survive for? See for yourself how it all plays out...

The game features a great soundtrack by Kevin MacLeod ( and can be downloaded on the game page in AGS:

PS: If you like the game, you can donate to my PayPal account and include your ideas for sentences that will be spoken by the characters in later versions of the game. I will also try to improve the game and add more stuff if there are some good ideas from the "players".
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Oh my God, I'm so interested in this concept for a "game". It's pretty much the kind of dream game that I also want to make, but probably also with the player being a further character in the environment.

But I MUST "play" your game immediately!

So excited to see what you have done with this concept so far!


I just checked it out (with a random cast of characters) and THIS IS AWESOME!!!

I still have to figure out the interface a little bit more but it is fairly intuitive so far.

And OMG someone murdered Zigmund!!!


I will surely be spending many hours designing my own casts of characters and watching how their dramas play out!


(How long did this take you to create by the way? The balancing of the onscreen information seems incredibly professional. Are you a game designer by trade?!)
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Hello Mandle and thanks for the feedback, you are the first one to do so because this wasn't even tested before. To answer your questions, this took about a month to finish. I was always inspired by artificial intelligence, Middle Ages and so I combined these two and created something that could run on your computer while you are away or do other stuff. I am not a game designer, just an amateur but I drew the background and did all the graphics myself. I'm so glad you like it and please, if you have any ideas on how to improve this, let me know.
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Your game's concept sounds fascinating! And I love the hand painted background (it gives me pleasant reminicences of sunset over imdahl). I find them a little too pixelated maybe - personally I'd like to see the art in its full glory. I'll defintively try your game. Thank you for your work! :)

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That was the game I was looking for. Sunset over Imdahl! I played it long time ago, than forgot about it and couldn't get the name. Thank you! And someone already offered help with the background, so it should get better.
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Glad to be of help! I couldn't remember the name either, but searched for "handpainted background rpgmaker" in google. ;)
The background for itself looks great! I'd just prefer it not to be pixelated. But that's only my two cents. :)

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The concept sounds incredibly interesting. I'll definitely try this out.

OT: Gepard, may you please reupload your game "Medieval Prisoner"? The game is currently unavailable (the archive link is dead) and I'd love to try it.

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Would love to but I've lost it myself. I think it is gone for good :f(.
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Medieval Prisoner is from you too? Man, I really wanted to play this game. Some months ago, when I was roaming the AGS-archives, I discovered it and was immediately hooked by such an unique concept. I searched many places for it but was ultimately unable to find a version. It seems to be vanished in the depths of the internet forever. :(

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How a year works in Pandor: Pandorians (peasants) work for a whole year to obtain food and wood. If they gather more, they will provide it to the main supply (if there is more than 11 of one resource it will be sold for gold). Before winter everyone tries to get one wood and one food to survive. They lose 1 life for each missing resource, so if they have nor wood, nor food, they end up losing 2 life. They can also lose an additional life if their dwelling is damaged. With the coming of a new year, Pandorians heal 1 life (if not afflicted by Plague).

A bit less poetic description of all the characters in Pandor:
Carpenter - upgrades and repairs houses
Beggar - begs for coin
Brute - can take goods (food or wood) by force from others, if they have none, takes one life from them (if they have more than 1), can also steal from houses
Killer - can kill one person and take all their gold (only 1 can be killed in one year)
Lord - improves "mind" and "strength" stats for other characters, takes food and gold from the main supply before anyone else
Medic - heals others for goods or coin, also sells medicine
Merchant - sells goods from the main supply and receives a coin as provision
Miner - mines for gold
Monk - improves "kindness" and "hardworking" stats for goods or coin
Peasant (man) - gathers wood and food
Peasant (woman) - takes goods (including gold) from peasants and miners and gives them boost so that next time they work, they gather two of each resource instead of one
Soldier - takes 1 life from brute, killer or thief (if they have more than 1), takes coin once a year if there is some gold in the main supply
Thief - steals up to 2 coins from any character, can also steal from houses

PS: I am thinking of implementing an interactive mechanism where a player could play God and take goods from the main supply to give them to a certain character they favour and wish to survive. Or maybe directly heal or hurt a character? What do you think?
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