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Weird Dreams Thread
« on: 12 Nov 2017, 02:26 »
We kinda had one of these a while back but not titled very generally so I thought I'd start a new one.

I feel the AGS community is packed full of imaginative folk and that often their dreams are likely to be pretty creative and interesting as well.

I'll share one I had last night that I found hilarious:

Through the english school I own here in Japan we send groups of kids on a homestay/study-abroad program to Australia once or twice a year.

So, in my dream we had sent some kids and had given the homestay family instructions to pick them up by the side of the road somewhere (of course we would never really do this).

I told the family on the phone that the kids were quite little so to be careful not to drive by and overlook them.

When I got to the pickup point the family was looking around for the kids in the grass by the side of the road with magnifying glasses!!!

(laugh) (laugh) (laugh)

Then I had another dream about little people that, upon awakening, I realised could be my inspiration for the book I've been itching to write for ages now but haven't been smacked by my muse squarely enough, and even had the title firmly in mind:

"The Kingdom Of Under The Bed."

Set in the dusty forsaken world of "Attic" and starring the pompous and eternally-misguided knight-errant "Sir Reginald Boxtop" (of the Boardgame Lane Boxtops) and his trusty, if slightly disabled, cockroach-steed "Pentapod"!!! (Reggie and Penty to their friends)

Thrill to his saga as he attempts to muddle through peace negotiations, continuously befudded by political intrigue beyond his ken, with the rival "The Kingdom Of Inside The Wardrobe", and gurgle in fear at his encounters with the sinister subterranean race from "The Realm Beneath The Floorboards"!!!

Soon available on the bestseller shelf at a bookstore near you! (laugh)
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Re: Weird Dreams Thread
« Reply #1 on: 12 Nov 2017, 05:36 »
Thanks for sharing that Mandle :)
Isn't it amazing how dreams can be so vivid and wild that they just kinda make sense?

I had this weird dream a few years back that my wife gave birth to twins...  But they were tiny pink kangaroo joeys no bigger than a bean! (wtf)
I remember it was a home-birth and I fought back the tears as I delivered them and cut the umbilical cords.. :confused:
It seemed so normal during the course of the dream as I continued to help her nurse them with a tiny bottle, bathe & dress them etc.. (roll)
Just plain weird.
I guess it was a throwback of recycled memories from our days together as wildlife carers and having our own children years later?