Author Topic: HELP! Cannot delete _OpenInEditor.lock to reopen the game for editing!  (Read 322 times)


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I had the editor crash when there were too many tabs open (about 60). There was an error; but then *boom* gone.
On restarting it, I was told I can't load a game because it's still open in another editor -- _OpenInEditor.lock strikes again.
I tried deleting it, but couldn't.

I thought it might be due to the file being 0 bytes; but nothing can open it to edit it.
I've checked permissions, and I have full control - but can't delete.
I checked on my mac, via the windows share, to see if it would delete - nope.
I actually got a program called Unlocker to delete it - even this couldn't do it.

So basically, I can't edit the project until this is fixed.

Anyone who can help, I would be indebted, because I'm releasing a demo soon :/


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Found the answer - a zombie editor process was still running.
Go about your business :P