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Stable Pete and the Joust

Pete, the stable boy, has grown tired of shovelling horse crap.
With dreams of becoming a prince by marrying princess Mary Belle, he decided to enter
the contest the the King had decided to throw for the purpose of finding her a husband.

Current game specs:
- Game res: 640x360, 32bit
- Music
- No SFX
- No Speech

Currently only Demo! (bugs may exist)

2/12/2017: v1.1 Fixes
- Exit dialogue line missing
- End of demo pop-up msg missing
- Ability to talk to a sleeping guy
- Reseting the power bar between Archery and Joust

This game/demo was made for MAGS Nov.2017 (Contest)

Expected finished: Dec. 2017 Some time during 2018...

Download link:

(To: MOD ... is this fine in here as a MAGS entry?)
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