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EDITOR THEME: Dracula (Dark)
« on: 06 Oct 2021, 23:30 »
After recently discovering that 3.5.x has had theming for a long time, I decided to port my favourite VS/Notepad++/everything-else theme "Dracula" to the AGS Editor, in time for Halloween! :)

Dracula is meant to be gentler on the eyes than the current AGS VisualStudio Dark theme, using lower contrast highlights and softer background colours. The entire AGS editor has been recolored, including the scripting boxes - with some exceptions, see below.

Please let me know if you run into any strange coloration or visual anomalies. I have tested this with v3.5.0.x.

Version 0.2

Download here.

1. Browse to AGS Editor -> File -> Preferences -> Color Theme -> Import Color Theme.
2. Select AGS-Dracula-version.json in your downloads folder.
3. Restart AGS.

Known Issues
- Combo Boxes are missing the proper dropdown arrow colour. This bug has already been reported.
- Frames, Panels, Scrollbars, Textboxes, and certain buttons could not be recolored according to the theme, so they remain white. I am assuming these are tied to default Windows System/winforms theming that I have no control over. Please let me know if you've got a workaround.
- Hyperlinks on the Welcome page are not colourized properly for AGS 3.5.0. This problem was patched in March 2021, so recent versions (latest 3.5.1) of the Editor should look fine.
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