Author Topic: MODULE: SpeechBubble v0.8.0  (Read 12784 times)


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Re: MODULE: SpeechBubble v0.8.0
« Reply #80 on: 24 Mar 2020, 14:29 »
Yup, merged.

What I want to happen:
1. Buddhist speaks, speech bubble appears
2. The sound sample 1 is over; delete this speech bubble, and create the second one; start the second bit of speech
3. When that's over, delete speechbubble, speech sample 2 has obviously stopped because it's non-blocking
4. Fade out screen

I'm not quite sure I understand this description. What do you mean that "speech sample 2 has obviously stopped because it's non-blocking"? Is the behavior you're after different in any way from normal speech behavior? (Show speech text and play speech clip, then show next speech text and next speech clip.)

but what is blocking/non-blocking?
Should I just write 'Wait(the length of time for the 2 speech samples)', and included it at the beginning/end of the block of code?

No, definitely not. But again, what do you mean "what is blocking/non-blocking"?

The speech bubbles are obviously ending early because they estimate a shorter amount of time to read the bubble than the speech sample has to end;

Well, if you're providing a voice clip it should be using the length of the clip automatically. In fact, it's not calculating anything, just displaying the speech bubble, then calling the AGS Character.Say() function with the speech clip ID as the line and waiting until it's finished.

I think I recall from testing your game before that these lines are extremely long, though. Like, around a minute or so? And you're using the LipSync module as well, right? I seem to remember that there is some limitation somewhere that they overflow (either somewhere in the modules or in AGS). I would first try cutting them down to a more reasonable length and see if that solves things.

Another thing you could test is to replace these SayBubble() calls with Say(). If you still have the problem then it's not an issue with the module.


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Re: MODULE: SpeechBubble v0.8.0
« Reply #81 on: 25 Mar 2020, 00:53 »
Solved: made sound files shorter.