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Got the original Mount and Blade game from Steam. It was on sale, at that time, for less than five bucks, US, and I've been spending a ungodly amount of time playing it. Any M&B fans around here? I've tried to get cassieBSG to try the game, but she's been busy entering MAGS, or knitting socks for Tabata's Coloring Ball. Like to hear your thoughts on the game?
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I remember playing the original Mount and Blade years. I found it fun, although I didn't spend long enough to learn the details of how to play properly.
I distinctly remember finding it almost impossible to fight on horseback, and as such I used to get off my horse to fight other people on horses. It was surprising effective so long as I wasn't going against more than three opponents.

The game also felt very incomplete. Like Goat Simulator, but a lot less intentional.
I remember thinking it was a good game though. But I've not played it since.


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Hold down to your horses... I'll see if I can find time to try it out in the weekend. (laugh)
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