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Lord of Light - MAGS October 2020
« on: 01 Nov 2020, 01:55 »
Lord of Darkness Light

MAGS October 2020

You're an evil wizard, and those bastardy bastard heroes have chased you to the top of your tower.  And just before you locked yourself in your laboratory, their stupid spellhacking cheating bastard of a good wizard cast Continual Light on your EYEBALLS.

You are blind.

Before they bash the door in, you must touch, talk, taste, smell and listen your way around your lab to concoct a Continual Darkness spell to restore your sight.  Hurry!

Gameplay: Sense your way through magical ingredients, implements and creatures.  Hovering over an unseen item makes a ? ? ? appear until you identify it.  And fortunately, you had a couple spells still memorized after your battle that may help.

As you identify things, a "memory" of what they look like will appear.  Nothing should be too pixel-hunt-y, and the game tells you when you've found everything in the room.

Short, one room game, 15+ minutes playtime.  I'm going to voice act it over the next week or so, but didn't have time to submit voice for MAGS.

70 MB download, 208 MB unzipped.  Recommend windowed play, DEFINITELY RECOMMEND SOUND ON.  You can play without sound, but it's way more fun and atmospheric with it.

Mild Content Warning: Comedic violence, suggestions of violence, adult humor, one swear word.

Thanks for playing!

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Re: Lord of Light - MAGS October 2020
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Nicely done! It was fun to play, a lot of humor and new, fresh ideas. Congratulations!