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Server upgraded & now using PHP 7.0, mysql_ extension deprecated..

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Peder 🚀:
Hey guys, we just did a server upgrade today also pushing the PHP version to 7.0, however the mysql_ extension is removed in this version.
This is causing the website not to load, you'll have to upgrade the code to use or

I'd be willing to help out if needed.

- Peder

I noticed the upgrade in progress... Which site is not loading? The forum seems to load fine now and the Site for the DB seems to load fine too...
is there another site I'm not aware of?

Peder 🚀:
The RON site Cassiebsg ;)

Ah sorry... I never actually look where the topic is located... (roll)

Renegade Implementor:
The RoN site is back up.  If there are any errors or dead links, please let me know.


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