Author Topic: Symploke: Legend of Gustavo Bueno. Chapter 2 now available!!  (Read 1081 times)

Hi my friends from Spain!

Today, we wanna tell you there is a new AGS point-and-click game available in Steam.

We mean 2nd Episode of Symploke Saga, the most compelling -and philosophical- adventure game ver made!

Remember: only those who overcomed the mission in chapter 1 will be prepared to 2nd one!

Have a look!

Very happy for you, Videojuegos_Fermin!


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Oh look at that, the second part already! you bring it on man! :-D

Yeah! Thank you my Friends!:=

Only in spanish? I'm italian and can't understand it...


No, my friend,
All our games are available in English and Spanish.


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Looks a great game.  Love the art style  :grin:

Any plans for a DRM-free release, so don't have to use steam?

Hi my friend!
The whole art is just designed with MS Paint.
First chapter is also downloadable F2P in our website


Nowadays, 2nd chapter is only available through Steam.

Best regards,

Videojuegos Fermín (Fermin Games)


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Great that I can get the first one steam-free  :smiley:
Pity about the second one.  :sad:
Please consider a DRM-free release for this, since so many of us don't like steam, and you'll be losing a lot of sales because of it. 

We will for sure, man. Thank you very much!