Author Topic: Is it possible to transfer values from one game to use in another?  (Read 451 times)

My gut feeling is "no that's a stupid question" but I was wondering if it was possible to transfer values from one game to another in the form of a save game.
to illustrate the kind of thing im after...

You play Mortys quest..finish it by throwing the magic sword into the lake of fire... but at some point the princess you could have saved got eaten by a dragon.
You Now play mortys quest 2 revenge of the dragoncharmer... can you tell it the princess died and you have no sword, or do you have to come up with another method??

You can write a custom file in the end of the first game and then read it in the second game.


Classic alternative approach is a password generated at the end of the game, where, for example, each letter means an outcome of particular event. This method was used in the Barn Runner game series.
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thank you that was very informative.