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Re: Football Game - Out now!
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Congratulations on the release of the game.
Just bought it and completet it. Very well done! The music fits the eiry tone of the game perfectly.
Like others have said, there is a wonderfull Lynchian tone throughout the game. Very well craftet puzzles and story.
Absolutely loved it.

Re: Football Game - Out now!
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My Steam review:

As a fan of adventure games and Lynch films, I absolutely loved this game!

The whole atmosphere is uncanny. Even the gift box is uncanny, it made me wonder what is in it during the whole game. Our not-so-nice solutions to puzzles help to build the tension of the story.

The puzzles are good. Everything we do makes sense, I needed to open the community guidelines only for the password one (I knew what the password was about, but only I wasn't sure about its format).

The soundtrack is great, I must say they really have a Lynchian vibe.

As a side note, I played the game with Nearest-neighbour filtering. I think it should had been on at default.
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Re: Football Game - currently 50% off on Steam and!
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Thanks for those lovely comments Gord10 & Duztie :) Glad you enjoyed the game.

Football Game is currently 50% off on Steam and That's basically free :)

Thanks for your support :)
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Re: Football Game - currently 50% off on Steam and!
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Everyone should immediately go out and buy Shaun's awesome game. It was already super cheap, and worth 5x what you'll pay when it's on sale. (And I've said so more seriously in a Steam review, I mean it!)

Re: Football Game - currently 50% off on Steam and!
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Thanks Spook <3

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Re: Football Game is currently 60% off on Steam!
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Hi all!!

Football Game is currently 60% off on Steam - the cheapest it has ever been - it's almost practically free! :)

“Cryptic and creepy, Football Game is exceptionally well crafted and well worth the price tag to anyone with a love of Lynchian stories and Point-and-Click adventures that try to do something a little different.”
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Hey guys!

Football Game is now 60% off over on ( to encourage you to give it a whirl for the AGS Awards 2018 :) The purchase comes with a Steam key as well.

I've also just spruced up the original post in this thread to be a bit more interesting and highlight some reviews the game has received.

Thanks for your support as always!
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Football Game is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PS Vita and Xbox One!

Do check it out if you own a console :) There's a tasty discount for the first couple of weeks.
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Whoa, thanks! I was needing an reason to plug the Switch on again :D

Got it!
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I finished it :)
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Hello, I immediately apologize for my English. I wanted to ask, if you could share how you could in this game organize the character's movement in a straight line? If I set the "Walkable Area" too narrow, the character simply turns out to go if you don't click exactly on the desired point. I'm sorry if the question is stupid.
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This looks really good! I'll purchase it for the Switch ASAP

Can I ask, how were you able to get an AGS made game on to consoles? I've been gone from this forum for quite a while and this is absolutely blowing my mind! I've read this whole thread and nobody has mentioned it.
Thanks! I look forward to this.
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I just purchased this game right now because it look amazing and furthermore because it's inspired on David Lynch! I really look forward to play it today, I'm just missing two titles from Cloak and Dagger Games but little by little I will try to purchase them all! Thanks for your fantastic games, I wish one day there would be a chance on adding Mudlarks on Steam too!

:EDIT: I have just finished and absolutely love this game as I imagined. I like the plot because it's not linear at all and the end of the game left me with a feeling of sadness, amazing work once again!
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Snake! Ratalaika Games ported this for Shaun, but I don't know what magic they used to accomplish this!

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I figured they must have ported the game thru unity.
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Thanks all!

I love that photo eri0o  :) :) Thanks everyone that picked it up - super glad you enjoyed it Vincent (I loved Metaphobia!) !!!  :)

Matt is on the money, it was ported by Ratalaika Games. They are on the lookout for AGS games to port so if you have a commercial game feel free to get in touch with them! They've created some sort of pipeline where they are able to port AGS directly to consoles - magic!

Gigatun - off the top of my head, I can't remember exactly how I did this - I'll take a look at the code when I get a moment.
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