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PROJECT- CODE NAME: NEON (its a working title) is a cyberpunk parody revolving around the protagonist's pursuit of 'the big score'

DETAILS- Inspired by Snow Crash, Monkey Island's 'smiling nihilism' approach to storytelling, the 1980's vision of the 2030's, and Quest for Glory's incorporation of RPG elements in a Point and Click adventure, this game is intended to follow the exploits of a remarkably unremarkable player customized protagonist's pursuit of every cyberpunk dystopia's pinnacle of success, social status, and all the other kinds of pop culture obsessions: One Big Score

EDIT 07/29/2018
Positions are still open


Room Artist: I have a collection of hand drawn designs for what the rooms are intended to look like, but these are storyboard-like concepts as opposed to a finalized design. I also have a collection of written descriptions for most locations that would accompany the concept art.  This will mean that you will have a sizable degree of creative license in a lot of aspects, and I will be depending on your ability to utilize that license with some of these assets.

Project uses AGS, thus any standard AGS size/color restrictions apply.  Its a cyberpunk game, so there is gonna be lots of dark colors and grime contrasted with bright neon and of course, its always raining.  Animation skills for background effects such as blinking neon, moving fog, and/or other things one would encounter in a heavy urban setting would be a bonus but are not required.
Some area's will need to incorporate objects that will not be present in the final work, for example: a well packed bookcase missing one book, as the missing book is the item the player will take.

Project consists of 9 'areas' of 3-6 rooms per area.  Hoping to have any artist sign on to complete an entire 'area' if possible.

Work will be Paid
Payment will be quoted, negotiated, and issued at a 'per completed asset' rate, hourly rates will not be considered
Payment will include transference of derivative/commercial usage rights
Payment will discussed/issued in $[USD] (most likely via paypal)
Price/payment distribution terms to be negotiated with artist

Hoping for a 60-90 day turnaround per 'area' assigned

Interested parties can comment below with or reach me on the AGS discord server(best/fastest option) under the same username
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I'm interested in this project seems like it might be up my alley - I was the artist behind all the graphics for Primordia - a commercial cyberpunk dystopian adventure game made with AGS.

Also, here's my portfolio;



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    • CatPunter worked on one or more games that was nominated for an AGS Award!
This looks like a pretty fun project, I would be psyched to do a few backgrounds or areas for you.

You can see some of my painted work and character sprite art over in Gurok's thread on his game: http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/forums/index.php?topic=50343.0

And you can see some of the pixel work I've done with him for the previous game jams here: https://gamejolt.com/@Gurok_and_CatPunter

Let me know if it's anywhere close to what you're looking for!
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Hi, I work both with pixel and 3d render. Maybe I could be of use; a few of my backgrounds (eg for my own AGS game) :

also you can have a look at my object (small object etc) work in this thread: http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/forums/index.php?topic=55778.60



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Your game sounds really interesting and I would love to work on it.

My first AGS game was just released - the cyberpunk "Cyborg Sepukku" for this months MAGS.

I love working in all kinds of artstyles and I'm always looking for new styles to work with.

I also worked as a background artist on Deponia by Daedalic.
And I made a sci-fi adventure for kids called "Sofus and the Moonmachine".

Here is my portfolio: https://www.behance.net/MalteBurup

- Malte Burup 
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