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--- Quote from: Monsieur OUXX on 13 May 2018, 02:08 ---Based on these sources, does anyone understand why the word "Loading" does not appear?

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Submitted a PR with a fix (you didn't change the current room to the loading screen).

--- Quote from: Crimson Wizard on 10 May 2018, 23:42 ---
--- Quote from: Monsieur OUXX on 10 May 2018, 23:34 ---- is the root folder the execution folder?

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Either location of exe, or "current working directory", and TBH that's kind of annoying. I believe there should be a way to configure this.

I had to invent a trick, because path may be different depending on whether you run the game from Visual Studio or from explorer.
What I do is that I pass a part of path as a command line argument when debugging the game, as "../../Assets/". And in game code I assign this argument to a variable called "_baseAssetFolder", which I use to construct resource paths.

By default _baseAssetFolder is just "Assets/", so that you could put Assets folder to same directory where exe is, and run it normally.

My best hopes are that in the end this is what resource loader's implementation will be doing on its own. So that we would have to type just "Images/room.png" instead of "../../Assets/Images/room.png".

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I'm pushing a fix for this tomorrow (assuming the build goes well). This is a breaking change as the resources paths are now passed without the "../../Assets" prefix (i.e the default root folder will be the assets folder and it should work no matter where you run the game from). Please read the PR description for more details and let me know if you have questions/reservations.

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Permission to copy?

Monsieur OUXX:

--- Quote from: tzachs on 13 May 2018, 05:50 ---Permission to copy?

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Well duh (laugh);)


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