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The future of AGS (MonoAGS, XAGE, AGS 4.0)

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Monsieur OUXX:
XAGE and even less MonoAGS are not random engines. They are meant to be pseudo-AGS engines, so much so that MonoAGS might one day become AGS. Therefore it's not the same thing to say "let's open the forums to Godot" and "let's open the forums to MonoAGS". I wouldn't want to open the AGS forums to Visionaire-made games, or Unity-made engines, etc. But I certainly do want to open them for MonoAGS games. XAGE is more of a gray area, as Clarvalon has his own plans for it.

I think there should be a subforum for MonoAGS, and a subforum for XAGE. Imagine something similar to the Reality on the norm forum, but for (AGS-related) engines.

I'm comparing with RoN because if we're lucky we'll have those two little communities (the MonoAGS community and the XAGE community) growing inside the AGS community, gaining experience, and when the time comes, maybe one of them will have grown enough that it could start blending into the legacy AGS forums.
The comparison doesn't stop there: just like RoN, forum visitors who have no idea what MonoAGS and XAGE are will never set foot into these subforums. But then one day maybe they'l get curious and dive in (and hopefully thrive there).

I agree with the 3 pre-requisites that Snarky listed, though. To avoid some abuse. But still, on top of being able to post in (some) existing AGS forums, a new subforum would be nice for hard core, MonoAGS-centered or XAGE-centered posts.

While it's nice to be involved in the conversation, I don't think a subforum for XAGE can be justified at the moment.  Maybe when it is publicly available and if there is sufficient interest.  I can see a case being made for MonoAGS however.

Yes, a sub-forum for MonoAGS will be useful.

Hello everybody.

I see no recent updates in this post. Does anybody know anything about the development of these new engines?


Ok, I've already seen that there's another threads opened for this thopic.

I apologize.


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