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AGS - Games on OUYA console
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Hello dear AGS fans,

imagine, how I worte a lovely story about my childhood and about my beautiful memories I had with Wadjet Eye Games games.
Yeah. This board is not kind to people with disabilities. I wrote about an hour or two on this, wanted to save, but after that, the message was: You can't post ... but I checked "always stay"

Let me introduce myself: I never finished "Monkey Island". When I was a child, I saw Super Mario on the NES and wanted to create a game since than.
I played "Indiana Jones - The Fate of Atlantis" and "Monkey Island 2" at my parents friends', but didn't understand the text, I was not able to read back then.
I fell in love with the graphics. I also loved games, where you not have to kill everybody without knowing them a little bit better before.
Cinematics like in Wing commander or Street Fighter II Turbo for DOS blew me away.
I once programmed a little three screen adventure in Basic on a PS/2 80286 with a monochromatic display. Your character was Bally, an elipsoide with rectangular shues.
I had to draw all graphics with commands like "circle" and "line". The task was, to repair his bike, because the tire was flat. I think you needed some rubber and diving glasses for that.
I played "Atlantis" before. And we had later a 80486 with "Kings Quest 5". I love the art.

I have a Wacom Cintiq Companion, the inputs can be: Touch, Stylus, Keys on the side, Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad
I play often games on the TV in the living room with the family and for that, we mostly use a game controller like the XBox 360 or XBox One controller.
Via Steam and stream, we could play PC games on the TV or via XBox.

There was once a Kickstarter project, where a new Android console was introduced, the OUYA.

There is still a community in the UK and Germany for that little gaming box. And we love to get new games on it.

I noticed, that it is not the easiest task, to get AGS games to Android and with game controller support, it could be much harder.

I am thinking of the OUYA a an opportunity to publish AGS games for game lovers, who are not interessed in newest graphics on PS4 and XBox, but like to discover new stories and games.
Steam and the Google Play Store are very much over saturated maybe.

I like new ideas, story driven games. I know, not every game can be played with a game controller, some have to be designed around that idea. The same is with touch. (Monkey Island - Remake HD does not work well with Touch on the PC version)
In my mind, controlling a game, don't have to get into the way of the players enjoyment. Menus, Save, Load, Option ... are more outside the game. (in Deponia e.g. you have to change some option to make progress in the game, in other games, you have to save a lot)

So the question is, ...
Would you like the idea, of having some more games on the OUYA? Or in other words ...
The OUYA is compatible with nVidia Shield (TV) and the Nintendo Switch.

OUYA Specs:
Tegra 3 quadcore ARMv7 with OpenGL ES 2.0
storage can be expanded

Android 4.1

Video Codec H.264 HQ is supported.

AGS games should run like butter on that. Controller support would be great, the OUYA also supports mouse and keyboard and has a mouse-thingly integrated in the controller

There is a community out there, that would really love to have new games.
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Re: AGS - Games on OUYA console
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Welcome xaby :)

About the timeout, you can maybe type your text on a simple text file first, and then post it? That way you can save and take as long as you need. ;) Then jusy copy/paste it into the msg box.
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Re: AGS - Games on OUYA console
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Yeah, this with the text file I will do in the future, but didn't thought that this problem occur these days anymore :~(


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Re: AGS - Games on OUYA console
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I thought the Ouya kind of fizzled out. But maybe that was just in the US.
Of course these days you can buy an Android box for a fraction of the price of what the Ouya went for.
I know that several adventure games have Android ports. I bought the Android port of Kathy Rain a few months ago with the plans of playing it on my Android box.
But is there any advantage of making anything specifically for Ouya instead of just Android?

Re: AGS - Games on OUYA console
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glad you ask. Short: No.
Long: Yes.

The OUYA is, because of the Tegra 3, compatible with the nVidia Shield (TV) and also the Nintendo Switch. So if the game runs on the OUYA, it will work out of the box on these systems as well.
There is also the Amazon Fire TV (Stick) and many other Android and Android TV boxes. I for mayself have the Razer ForgeTV with Android TV.

So why OUYA? The OUYA has a modified Android 4.1 which looks like Android TV. And the OUYA is industry standard and is supported till 2025. (Colibri T30)
The problem with: only Android support ... is ...

most of the Apps have no game pad controller support. And the OUYA has no Google-Play-Store.

The offical store is not open for submissions anymore :-( So we are figuring out some ideas, how to get the game on the OUYA.
A costum laucher, Humble Bundle APKs, or via Steam as DLC maybe, ... or some other store

If it runs on the OUYA, it is very possible that it runs on any Android device today also. It could be an easy way to test the game, before trying to get it on PS4 or XBox One.

We are not speaking about "OUYA exclusive". It is more like an OUYA compatible and accessable.

... maybe it is like with the C64. Playing games on the or developing for that is something else than using an emulator.
And we are a bunch of OUYA lovers. And mostly everyone I know in the Retro-forums have in some way heard of the OUYA.
Buying a new Android console or using Steam would be also possible, but it's not the same.
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