Author Topic: Overhotspot label text goes off screen when mouse cursor is inventory item  (Read 915 times)


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Part of the problem is that the links don't lead to the actual manual entry because for some reason the anchor in the link is turned to lowercase. Whenever I link to a command in the online manual I have to fix the anchor part.

Oh yeah, it was past my bed time heh. That z order works just fine, although I'll see if I prefer the transparency, but at least I can fall back on z order.

However I realised I do need the text width thing, as longer descriptions don't display the whole text. AGS didn't recognise lblOverhotspot, so I assumed that was what my GUI label name is, so I changed that, but when I run the game, the hotspot descriptions completely disappear. Could this be related to what Crimson said about the verb coin? I might have to restrict my descriptions to not be very long, what a bother.

This is how I modified Khris' script for my label name:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1.  // before calculating the position, set label and GUI width based on text
  2.   String ln = Game.GetLocationName(mouse.x, mouse.y);
  3.   overhotspot.Text = ln;
  4.   overhotspot.Width = GetTextWidth(ln, overhotspot.Font) + 2; // small error margin to ensure text doesn't wrap
  5.   gOverhotspot.Width = overhotspot.Width; // assuming label's x coordinate on GUI is 0
  6.   // gui position calculations here