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Lab Rat Maze (Beta testing MAGS game)
« on: 02 Jun 2018, 09:31 »
EDIT: I close the thread now, since I have gotten enough offers. Thanks all you offered. (nod)


If you have a little free time this weekend to test my latest MAGS game, then I would appreciate the help (please PM for link).
Total game time (if you know exactly what to do and where to go): about 15 min... not sure how long it might take for someone who needs to figure it out... (roll) You tell me? ;)

Anyway, this is a top down view game, where you control a lab rat being tested in it's maze solving skills.
If you like solving puzzles and wondering in mazes this your game! If you like dialogues and long stories this is NOT your game. (laugh)

Deadline for game delivery: June 3rd (Sunday), midnight BST ... so you need to test the build and send report at least some hours before that.

This thread will "self-lock"  June 3rd, 20:00 BST...
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