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Author Topic: Combat interface  (Read 445 times)

Combat interface
« on: 09 Jun 2018, 23:25 »
Hi Everyone!

I was working on a combat system for my game recently, and would very much like to get your feedback.
The general idea was to have something you experience from first person perspective(different from the normal game view), but to keep the action not to rough.

You have several options:
Attack, Take Cover, Move in, Move out, Reload
each of those is operated by a designated key on the keyboard.
Your enemy does basically the same, fires at you, takes cover, and moves closer to you.

I did not implement any aiming(I would like an advice about that) as I felt it was too much for the common adventure game player. Instead, the player has a certain skill(I still don't how it will be determined), plus getting closer to your enemy improves your chances to hit(and also the enemy's).
You cannot fire when in cover, and the enemy cannot hit you. Goes the same for the enemy.

Some screenshots:

Enemy exposed, player in cover

player exposed, firing at exposed enemy

Both sides hit each other at the same time

Enemy in cover(unseen)


Re: Combat interface
« Reply #1 on: 10 Jun 2018, 01:09 »
Hm... sounds a little like the Quest for Glory battle system.

In terms of the aiming system, I could see it working either with or without aiming.

If you go with the mouse aiming route, it looks like you could have multiple enemies as well, if you wanted, or objects that would partially hide the enemy from view, etc. That would be harder to code, though.

If you want to stick with just using the keyboard, one option would be to hide the mouse and use the right click to fire, left click to reload. Also, one option for key binding could be direction keys for hide/ moving (move in up key, move back down key, hold left or right keys to cover).

Another option would be to have the enemy show when it is about to fire or hide with an an animation playing, so the player has time to dodge.