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Re: The Second Man
« Reply #80 on: 09 Jun 2015, 12:12 »
Brilliant news! Really glad to hear you're back on it, cianty.

Your art style is still... ...nostalgorgeousatisfactofantastic!

Re: The Second Man
« Reply #81 on: 09 Jun 2015, 19:02 »
Thanks a lot for the encouragement, everyone!

I'd love to put up more screenshots here but I am afraid it would spoil some of the surprises and excitement. I'll try to think of "safe" ways to tease more content... :smiley:
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Re: The Second Man
« Reply #82 on: 09 Jun 2015, 21:46 »
Never mind the screenshots. Just finish the game! ;-D
Seriously, I think a lot of people are thrilled about this project being alive again. Including myself.

Re: The Second Man
« Reply #83 on: 28 Nov 2015, 20:05 »
So, yeah, I'm still working on it. Currently I'm doing a lot of testing and clean-up and putting the finishing touches on Part 2. A lot of loose scenes and bits that need to be connected and then it'll be a huge milestone. So don't give up on me. :)
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Re: The Second Man
« Reply #84 on: 29 Nov 2015, 06:35 »
Glad things are still ticking along, mate. Keep up the hard work :-)


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Re: The Second Man
« Reply #85 on: 29 Nov 2015, 08:55 »
I just saw this for the first time.
Wow, the backdrops are gorgeous.
The brick wall man! I'm super jealous here.
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Re: The Second Man
« Reply #86 on: 10 Dec 2015, 12:50 »
Good to know! You keep up the good work, that you have a good amount o people waiting anxiously for this promising game. Cheers

Re: The Second Man
« Reply #87 on: 28 Dec 2015, 10:59 »
So this Christmas my girl-friend gave to me...

an iOS port of the Second Man! Thanks to all the wonderful previous work of JJS and Janet Gilbert she set me up so I can deploy and run the game on my iPad 3 and her iPad Pro.

I spent the last couple of days working on the interface and improving the touch experience (larger hotspots on touch devices, changing some puzzles, etc). This is done now and I continue working on the content of the game.

If you are interested in how this looks, check out the following video where I play the first three minutes of the game on the iPad Pro:
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Re: The Second Man
« Reply #88 on: 28 Dec 2015, 15:44 »
Man,  I cant wait to play this game. Looks awesome.

Re: The Second Man
« Reply #89 on: 29 Dec 2015, 15:30 »
Thank you! The fact that I can playlets it on my iPad now is a huge motivation boost so am cracking on now. :)
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Re: The Second Man
« Reply #90 on: 04 Jan 2016, 13:33 »
This game looks awesome, cool to see you are still working on it :)
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Re: The Second Man
« Reply #91 on: 17 Jan 2016, 17:26 »
Been looking forward to this game for ages. Good luck Cianty, hope you can get it finished.


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Re: The Second Man
« Reply #92 on: 17 Jan 2016, 17:36 »
I just found out that I haven't told you my opinion about this game. Maybe because the thread is older than my AGS years. Anywho.. here goes:


Re: The Second Man
« Reply #93 on: 17 Jan 2016, 23:37 »
Thank you all so much for the nice comments. I am working on it!
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Re: The Second Man
« Reply #94 on: 18 Jan 2016, 05:38 »
Looks really awesome.  I'm pre-ordering comrade!

Re: The Second Man
« Reply #95 on: 02 Feb 2019, 11:18 »

A sign of life after years of silence (the protagonist is a silent killer after all)...

I have resumed work on the game after a long pause. Recent changes have been on the technical side at first as I upgraded the game to version 3.4.0 of AGS. I'd love to go with one of the even more current versions but that is not compatible with the iOS build. Since I am mostly play(test)ing in my iPad having the game run on there is important so I will stick with 3.4.0 for now. Some of the things I have been doing lately:

  • Auto-load: When you start the game it automatically loads the last savegame. Especially on mobile this makes for an appropriately smooth experience.
  • On mobile, double-tapping triggers the right-click action of the 9-verb interface, i.e. it triggers the suggested action (e.g. open door)
  • The verb icons are not animated while selected. This brings more life to the UI and helps distinguish the currently selected action (which is animating) from the suggested right-click action when over a hotspot/object.
  • Lots and lots of small imperfections were fixed and the one or other extra-mile was added to the first part of the game.

I am now maintaining a Trello board for all the ideas, todos, bugs and improvements. It helps keep a good overview and focus.
Most importantly, I now a plan how to finish the last bits of Part 2. Once that is done, I will have reached a major milestone because afterwards, there is a sort of "cut" in the game. This means, Prelude, Part 1 and most of Part 2 are nearly finished. I guess once that is completed I could also invite some external testers and seek their opinions.

So much for now. I won't be posting screenshots as I don't want to give away too much.

Lastly, here is a snapshot of the current game statistics. It doesn't say that much about actual gameplay length but it's an indicator nevertheless (why doesn't it include rooms?).

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Re: The Second Man
« Reply #96 on: 02 Feb 2019, 12:15 »
Good luck to you, really happy to see this is still progressing as it looks and sounds fantastic - I speak from experience when I say keep going, it will be worth it in the end!

Re: The Second Man
« Reply #97 on: 07 Feb 2019, 22:33 »
Nice to see this thing is still alive. Keep the updates coming, yo.