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​Following a poll on Twitter which was overwhelmingly in favour of the idea, I will be launching an open beta of The Rat Pack in the near future.  This will effectively be the full game but without polish added and without achievement.  Feedback from this will help me considerably with testing and balancing and game. 

I plan to give testers whose feedback I use a mention in the credits and a discount on the full game when released; if a tester's feedback is particularly valuable, I will gift them a copy.

The open beta could potentially start as early as January 2019, but... watch this space.

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The open beta has just launched!


See here fore details on in-game controls and how to give feedback:


(Obviously if anyone wants to PM me on the forums here that would be fine too :wink:)

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Just a little more information as it might not be completely obvious, especially as in the OBT you can access any level from the start whereas in the full game you will progress through the levels sequentially:

On the first Mission your options are very limited.  More options open up as you get further into the game.  The first mission is very restricted in options and all you really have to do is keep your rats alive and build up your colony - then you'll be able to Scavenge for Treasure, then build the Rat Lab which lets you increase your skills, then later on raiding opens up, then giving tribute to and seeking aid from King Rat. 

Every option is available from the same screen and your stats will update after each one as they all end the turn.  Options are greyed out when they are not available yet until later Missions, due to prerequisites not being met (for instance, not having enough Treasure to buy a Skill Upgrade), to because they are only available every x number of turns (for instance Raiding).

Although it's still a placeholder graphic, on the Chapter Selection screen you can click on the Tutorial bit at the top right of the screen to be taken to a screen where, if you click on any option, you will get a description of that action.

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Updated version uploaded with some bug fixes and 50 achievements added (though sorry beta testers, you won't get to carry them over into the final game :p):

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nice game thx