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Good God!
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Do you remember when as a kid you were fascinated by ancient cultures? When the books about the Greek and Roman mythology were simply impossible to put down? Well, Zosia is currently experiencing a similar thing after her Grandfather told her about the ancient Slavic tribes. That's why, on this particular Sunday she was planning to... do absolutely nothing, but right after that to explore the fascinating world of the Slavic Mythology even more. However, her plans get thwarted by her nagging mother and incredibly irritating younger brother, who dares to claim to be more of an expert on the subject than she is! I know...  outrageous. That's why Zosia may use some help in proving her brother how wrong he is!

Note: the game uses the Slavic paganism as one of its main themes but it's not meant to be treated seriously or as a reliable source of information.
Note 2: the game originally was supposed to be submitted in the October 2019 MAGS, but we simply ran out of time : )

Scripting: 80%
Dialogues: 80%
Sound: 0%
Puzzles: 95%

When: if Christmas festivities don't make us even more lazy, the game might be finished by the end of the year : )


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Re: Good God!
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Cute :)
Good luck with production. Sounds like an interesting story.  (nod)
There are those who believe that life here began out there...

Re: Good God!
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Thanks a lot for the nice words Cassiebsg! It's good to hear you like the idea for the story : )

Re: Good God!
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That sounds like a nice story and those characters look so cute! Best of luck with development!

Re: Good God!
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Thanks lorenzo : )
We are not too far from finishing the game but we will need luck anyway : )