Author Topic: [HELP FOUND] Play tester(s) for The Shaft - July MAGS game  (Read 771 times)

Hi guys,

I realise that this may not be the most exciting offer as the game has already been released in its MAGS form, but I thought I'd ask anyway in case someone was interested to play the game through a few times and report any leftover bugs or missing interactions?
I am also looking for someone willing to proof read the text. The more attentive and thorough the proof reading the better of course, but I will happily accept even a brief scan ;)

Important note: if you are interested to help please do not play test the version I submitted for the competition as many issues with that version will have already been fixed. I should have an updated version of the game ready for play testing in about a week from now, hopefully.

Please feel free to answer either via pm or by replying to this thread.

Edit: Proof reading help found! Thank you. Still looking for play testers.
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Re: Play tester(s) for The Shaft - July MAGS game
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Help found for the MAGS version, please feel free to close this thread.