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Author Topic: tribute to FUKITOR - voice actor wanted  (Read 1200 times)

tribute to FUKITOR - voice actor wanted
« on: 05 Oct 2018, 15:21 »
even if you've never heard of "fukitor", simply try to imagine a guy from Illinois, who is producing his own comics and comic-zines and distributing them to all over the world within a time period of 18 years (2000-2018). His name is Jake Karns and he never got rich or famous, but he never intended to. He was my biggest inspiration and his art was probably the reason why I started to draw my own comics. I always ordered his newest issues and visited his blog regularly until his entire online-presence has disappeared. His fukitor.blogspot is gone at no notice as well as his facebook page. I guess, he's simply tired of doing the same stuff since almost two decades, but his art deserves to be remembered, even if the only person who cares is me, a geeky guy from Germany. I collected all his publications including unfinished projects and I want to compile a simple video presentation depicting some unfinished stories, no big deal, but I would like to tell a short story, why fukitor is actually disappeared (fiction) and recite some of the letterings.
If you are a taleted voice actor and willing to support underground comics, maybe you are a wtiter too, then let us create this tribute together :)
my idea of JAke's disappearance is as follows: kidnapped by al-qhaida for some sensitive content (you have to know that fukitor is not really politically correct, Jake's comics are imo the biggest tribute to the so called exploitation movies including a lot of boobs, blood and swearwords), his blog and facebook has been deleted by NSA and so on...

fantagraphics publication of fukitor