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Hey everyone!

First, Okay, yes I know that this is the AGS forums and I'm promoting a game not made with AGS. I guess thats kinda sucky of me, but I know that the people here LOVE Point & Click adventures and I really wanted to let you guys know about the one I'm developing now.  Also, big thanks to everyone who has played and supported the Nick Bounty games over the years.  These games are my passion project and your support has kept me going!

The 3rd game in the Nick Bounty series, The Dame in the Blue Chewed Shoe, is now in development and I could use your support more than ever!  I learned a lot about game design in my 14 years at Telltale games, both what to do and what NOT to do to keep players engaged and entertained, and I want to bring all of that to my latest effort. I want to bring back the feel of a Classic Point & Click but with everything I’ve learned about gameplay that supports the narrative.

The game is currently seeking fundraising on Kickstarter and a lot of those funds are going to contract other Ex-Telltale devs who are still looking for work after the surprise layoffs.  Please consider backing the game whether it’s in support of the TTG Devs who lost their job, supporting Indie development, or just because you think the game looks cool!

It’s been a month now since TTG laid off it’s staff and I’m still looking for employment. I don’t mean to make this personal but I just wanted to share what a scary and difficult time this is, but it’s also extremely exciting to be working on something that I truly love.

Thanks everyone! 

Nick Bounty on Kickstarter:

Watch the Kickstarter Video trailer:


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Re: Comedy Noir Adventure now on Kickstarter! [Non AGS]
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I have very fond memories of the first two games. A good line in hardboiled nonsense. I still remember:

He's dead. Deader than Pauly Shore's career.

This sucks...

Much like Pauly Shore himself.

I backed as soon as I saw the campaign. Good luck!


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Re: Comedy Noir Adventure now on Kickstarter! [Non AGS]
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So exciting to see another Nick Bounty game on Kickstarter.  :grin:
And you have over £10,000! 

It was so crappy of TellTale to do that to you guys.  :sad: