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Peder 🚀:
Here's a torrent of everything ever hosted on AGSA:

Both the legacy and the current AGSA website will stay as is until end of year, in the new year the website will be replaced with just a link to download this torrent.

There might be duplicates, and typos etc, a lot of file names also are just the original file name and might make it harder to know exactly what game it's for.
I'm open for outside contributions to adding any missing games and for cleaning up naming etc. (Not really sure of the best way to do that though)

Nice, Peder.

A lot of games have the complete titles put in the exe metadata by AGS, but not always. I used them in AGS Launch Panel.

Thanks Peder! :-D

Crimson Wizard:
This is wonderful to see that there are old editors too. I was looking for one of these earlier, but could not get it since AGSA website no longer provides download links.

Peder 🚀:
Crimson, the old editors were available here: just kinda hidden :)


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