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Hello, there are also some old AGS-Versions on the Maniac Mansion Mania - Wiki:

Peder 🚀:
RIP AGS Archives 2009-2019 and good bye from me!

Thanks to all the individuals whom supported me throughout the years, it was highly appreciated!

As you may have noticed I've not been very active lately in the community, main reason being I've come to the point where I no longer want to be part of the AGS community. (I won't go into any details)
This is also the reason why the AGS site/forums were just recently moved to shiny new servers, as I am now no longer providing the hosting.

Mods, feel free to re-close this section of the forums, though it would be appreciated if this thread were moved to another section of the forum, though all links to AGSA now shows a page with a download link to the torrent so perhaps it's not needed...

Hey, Peds. Sorry you're leaving us, dude. I hope you pop back and say hi sometimes. Thanks for everything you've done with the archives and everything over the years. Don't stay a stranger, man. ❤️

Yeah, thanks for all the help with hosting AGS stuff.  You'll definitely be back (no one ever leaves for long...), so see you then!

Well, good luck with your future endeavours Peder. And thanks so very much for what you've done for the AGS community up to this point.
A decade for the AGS Archives alone, is quite a feat.

I hope to see you on the forums again one day. But if that doesn't happen. Goodbye!  :-D


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