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[Tool] WFN creator (outlines!)
« on: 06 Nov 2018, 12:52 »
Not sure where to put this, so I'll put it here.

Have you created a game with a relatively high resolution and are unsatisfied with the puny black outline AGS draws around your letters?
Look no further. Just go to https://khris.ddns.net/agsfont/ and create your own set of bitmap font + outline font, based on a TTF or OTF.

It's quite straightforward. Just select a font file and check the preview. Then adjust the values, best from top to bottom. The size is in pixels, but that's "font pixels", not necessarily pixel pixels. Check the x1 zoom preview to see the font at its actual size. Alpha threshold needs to be lowered if the thin lines in your letters are broken up, just experiment with the setting until it looks good. The final three settings apply to the outline.

I recommend using the short preview while playing with the settings. Then switch to the full letter sets to check for issues.
When you're satisfied, just click the download button beneath either font to grab them.

To use a font in AGS, open your game, then add a font in the Project tree (right-click the Font node). After AGS has created the font file, overwrite it with the downloaded one (renaming it in the process, obviously). If AGS created a ttf, just use its number but keep the *.wfn ending, then delete the .ttf with the same number.
To set up the outline font, import both fonts as just described, then set the base font's OutlineType to "UseOutlineFont" and enter the other font's number.
You'll probably also want to make sure "Fonts designed for high resolution" in General Settings / Text output is active.

DISCLAIMER: the usual WFN limitations apply: no anti-aliasing, no special characters unless you add them to the font and use substitutes in your strings. If in doubt, don't use this. It's a beta version anyway; if you encounter any errors or issues, please contact me and state what you did, which browser you're using and whether are any errors in the browser's console (press F12 to view it).

In-game preview:
Spoiler: ShowHide

Comic Sans with heavy outline

PS: there's no pixel-perfect editing. While you can do that with Radiant's FontEdit, you'd have to replicate the edit for the outline font. Thus I might add the possibility to generate the outline based on an existing WFN font at some time in the future.

Re: [Tool] WFN creator (outlines!)
« Reply #1 on: 06 Nov 2018, 15:26 »
Great job man. Khris, u r my hero (laugh)
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Re: [Tool] WFN creator (outlines!)
« Reply #2 on: 22 Nov 2018, 17:11 »
Khris, please update the wiki page about fonts. It's very important. Otherwise your tool will be forgotten forever.
Please clearly explain on the wiki how your tool fits in the presented workflows, and what it adds (or lacks) compared to other tools.