Author Topic: can i post an image with fixed width while maintaing aspect ratio  (Read 482 times)

is there a way to post an image on forum and have it post on page with fixed width while maintain aspect ratio?

This relates to posting of large images that push the forum frames out and mess the forum layout up, i have seen many forums have this post feature where you embed an image and the width has a pre-set width (as determined by forum or admin) and the image will reduce its display size in the post, but one clicking the image it will open new browser window/tab to show the original source/size of image


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[.img width=123 height=123]link[/img.]

You can show your images in the size you want using this code (without the dots)
change 123 to the wanted size and insert the link.  ;)

wonderful stuff tabata, i shall remember this the next time i need to post a large image on forum

seasons greets to you!