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G'day everyone,

I'm new on this forum but thought I had something that many of you would be interested in (anyone interested in adventure games or game design) so I thought I would share it here.

I am very pleased to present you with my latest interview, courtesy of some incredibly talented adventure game designers – some of the best in the business. Joining me is Chris & Nic Bischoff from The Brotherhood (Stasis, Cayne), Francisco González from Grundislav Games (Lamplight City, Shardlight), Christian Miller from Silver Spook Games (Neofeud), and Mark from Wormwood Studios (Primordia). I selected these four developers for the interview because, while they are all very accomplished, they have also taken very different approaches to game design which I thought would lead to some very thoughtful discussion. During the interview, we talk at length about puzzle design, interactive storytelling, tutorial design, dialogue in video games, the evolution of adventure games, and finish up with some shameless plugging (and a couple of teasers for some upcoming games).

Interview url:

or if you don't want to access a google doc, the interview posted on RPG Codex:

Hope you enjoy it / get something out of it, and nice to meet you all =)

Chris Picone


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Thanks for sharing!  :-D
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