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Game Pitch Competition - Round 9: What’s Wrong With This Pitch-er? (VOTING)

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Voting is underway. Please vote using the poll above.

Game Pitch Competition - Round 9: “What’s Wrong With This Pitch-er?”

The object of the competition is to present the best possible "elevator pitch" for an original adventure game.
Come up with a cool idea, and explain it very briefly to someone in order to catch their interest and make them excited about it. (Check out the last round to see how it goes.)

You probably know the drill by now, but if you don't...

Spoiler: ShowHideProcedure

* Submit your game pitch via this form.
* I will post the entries (anonymously) as they come in, in order to inspire others to join.
* Submissions close 12th February. I will then open a thread poll for voting.
* Voting will last 7 days. Discussion and feedback on the entries is encouraged, but make sure to maintain anonymity.
* After voting is over, the results and authors of each entry become public.Rules

* The pitch should be for some kind of adventure game (under a broad definition of the genre).
* Stick to the word limits: An elevator ride is not that long! (If you run over, those parts will be placed behind spoiler tags.)
* You may submit only one entry in the round.
* The entry should be anonymous. Do not reveal your authorship until voting closes.
* Do not vote for your own entry. It's not cool.
I'm looking forward to your pitches!

Yo, New Kid Gotta Steal Sumpin
Steal or get beat up.
New-kid-on-the-block Logan is having a tough time. His dad got fired, so Logan and his parents had to downgrade to a different neighborhood. The dire financial situation is too much for Logan's parents; they yell...often. To escape the tension in the house, Logan spends time outside but is confronted by a gang of neighborhood kids. They say Logan has to steal “something weird” from Old Man McGregor's scary house before he can join the gang. Steal or get beat up.

Mutiny at Mercury
A robot has to prevent a great crime without breaking the laws themself
You are a robot working at a mining station at mercury, and programmed to follow Asimov's three laws of robotics. When a small group of workers start conspiring to start a mutiny and kill the overseer, you are compelled to stop them but simultaneously forced to obey all commands of the mutineers and loyal workers alike and unable to harm any of them. You need to think out some clever loopholes to save the day.

Dunning-Kruger Quest
How many conspiracy theories can you absorb in an hour?
You wake up with no memory of who you are or what is going on, but then you realize that you're just very dumb and this happens to you every morning.
Explore the rich environment of your parents' basement for hints for the next conspiracy videos you'll upload including:
Finding a stale corn chip that looks like the Illuminati symbol.
Two identical rats proving Simulation Theory.
Your F-scored tests from school proving your teachers were shape-shifting reptiles.
And much more!

Panteufelhelden: Swiping Satan's Slippers
5 Imps 1 Bod = One Hell of a Party Game!
You and your demon buddies were house-sitting for Lucifer, when no-good cultists opened a portal to Hades and stole Satan’s slippers. Get them back before all hell breaks loose (literally)!  Your only way onto Earth is by possessing the cult’s human sacrifice. Stuck in one body, you all have to work together to control it and retrieve the infernal footwear.  One player points and clicks, others type suggestions in a chat window to unlock actions. Roles rotate regularly.


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