What’s your favourite game pitch?

Yo, New Kid Gotta Steal Sumpin
0 (0%)
Mutiny at mercury
6 (50%)
Dunning-Kruger Quest
0 (0%)
Panteufelhelden: Swiping Satan's Slippers
2 (16.7%)
Decored: a Lara Croft adventure
0 (0%)
Crumbling Elites
3 (25%)
The Intergalactic Republic
1 (8.3%)

Total Members Voted: 12

Voting closed: 20 Feb 2019, 00:09

Author Topic: Game Pitch Competition - Round 9: What’s Wrong With This Pitch-er? (VOTING)  (Read 4115 times)

Okay. Let's wrap this up.
Here is the list of pitches and authors.

Durq - Yo, New Kid Gotta Steal Sumpin
Blondbraid - Mutiny at mercury
Mandle - Dunning-Kruger Quest
Snarky - Panteufelhelden: Swiping Satan's Slippers
TheFrighter - Decored: a Lara Croft adventure
tzachs - Crumbling Elites
Tgames - The Intergalactic Republic

Thanks all. See you next time.

Decored: a Lara Croft adventure
Sorry, but as I read them, the rules specifically disallow games based on existing properties.

My sorry, it slipped out my mind.  :-[


I just wanted to thank everyone who voted for my pitch!  :-D


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Nice one, Blondbraid! For a lot of the best pitches, my attitude is "Yeah, sounds intriguing, I'd probably be interested in that". For Mutiny on Mercury, though, I want to play this game. Please make it!

Also, Durq: It's cool that you're making your game for MAGS. There have been a couple of other pitches that have actually been released (Blondbraid's pirate princess pitch and Danvzare's Private Detective, maybe others I'm missing?), and I think it's a really interesting exercise comparing the initial impressions of the pitch to the final product.