Author Topic: [NON-AGS HELP WANTED] Gathering illustrators for creating a promo video to crowdfund game development  (Read 589 times)

Hello. I have designed a videogame, and I want to create a promotional video for crowdfunding the game creation process. All the ideas of the game are in concept (character breeds, places, maps, etc.) and I already created a teaser using only black letters over a white background. I am looking for artists who would be able to create a promotional video out of that. I can share the video I created, and the proposed script, plus a detailed description of the world and types of characters, so you can tell me if this is something you would want to be involved into.  Since the purpose of this is to get funds, I can't currently compensate the work with money. However, if the crowdfunding is successful and you were involved in the creation of the promo video, there would be a steady job waiting for you. :) I have requested feedback about my game idea from different groups of people, ranging from teens to people my age (late 40s) and the reaction I get is always the same: "I can't wait to play it!". You can see that simple video here:
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