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Space Combat level similar to Wing Commander
« on: 11 Feb 2019, 07:03 »
I am making a Star Trek fan game which will be mostly 90 percent Adventure game format for Landing Party missions.
But with about 10 percent Space combat stuff which will be similar to wing commander or the old star trek judgement rights game.
but also with a bit of strategy/sim stuff built in where you have to maintain your ship and crew as well.

The part that I am unable to do by myself is the space combat part.

It will mainly take place in a scrollable wrap around space background room.
You will view everything as if you are looking thought the view screen of the Enterprise.

Right now I have it set up where you can scroll and loop around the background and mouse is set to middle of screen as a target cursor.

What I need help with is the following:

1) Coding for the weapons fire (left for Phasers) (Right for Torpedoes)
I need them to look like they are fading off in the distance and show some fake distance look if they do not hit the enemy.
I can do the damage, collision stuff myself just do not know how to do the fire part.

2) Some help with Enemy AI and their movements and looking like they also have some distance at times as well.

I am willing to commission someone to help me do this not just asking for freebies or credit you as a level designer etc or both.
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