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Since October 2018, I teamed up with Youtuber and streamer Falko von Falkner to develop a point'n'click adventure game.
He's doing the writing, planning and marketing, I do the pixels. There's also Jean Czerny who's doing the big art, promotional gfx, so on.
It's set in Bornholm, Denmark in 2155, and it's a story about transhumanism and rogue AI.

We're running a Kickstarter campaign in hopes to be able to afford quality sound assets/VO and more features than initially planned.
So far, there's quite a lot of interest and initial goal got funded in mere 24 hours, which is quite fantastic.

There's also a downloadable demo for Win/Mac/Linux.

I'd tell more, but campaign describes it well enough - see for yourself.
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Looks cool, wish you guys  the best.