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Since October 2018, I teamed up with Youtuber and streamer Falko von Falkner to develop a point'n'click adventure game.
He's doing the writing, planning and marketing, I do the pixels. There's also Jean Czerny who's doing the big art, promotional gfx, so on.
It's set in Bornholm, Denmark in 2155, and it's a story about transhumanism and rogue AI.

We're running a Kickstarter campaign in hopes to be able to afford quality sound assets/VO and more features than initially planned.
So far, there's quite a lot of interest and initial goal got funded in mere 24 hours, which is quite fantastic.

There's also a downloadable demo for Win/Mac/Linux.

I'd tell more, but campaign describes it well enough - see for yourself.
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Looks cool, wish you guys  the best.


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In the meantime I longplayed the demo,
This is a pretty cool game, everyone should play it, but if you don't have the time, check this:

As the new Chairman of Cyberpunk (Bruce Sterling resigned) I approve this message! :D Srsly though really looking forward to this! Been sharing this on my social media and Youtube streams.

Well, i rage quited (not really more like too lazy to try more stuff). To find out i couldn't fill the water with the cup i used. Saw on youtube that *spoiler alert*. There was another item to use for that task. Damn it (laugh)
Kinda stupid puzzle tho, just let the player use whatever that can fill water in that case, i'd say.  (roll)
But other then that, it was really cool! Loved the atmosphere and the choice of Denmark of all places  (laugh) :-D