Author Topic: disabling choice of linear interpolation/nearest neighbour in set up  (Read 193 times)

the subject line is pretty self explanatory, can this be disabled so the user cannot change it in the setup? Linear screws up my game.

Only through editing default acsetup.cfg. BTW I updated its description on github recently:

[disabled] - special instructions for the setup program hinting to disable particular options or lock some in the certain state. Ignored by the engine.
render_at_screenres = [0; 1] - tells to lock "Render sprites in screen resolution" in a default state;
speechvox = [0; 1] - tells to lock "Use digital speech pack" in a default state;
filters = [0; 1] - tells to lock "Graphics filter" selection in a default state;
<filter id> - tells to remove particular graphics filter from the selection list;

what's this then! I wasn't even aware of this github thing. Very useful, thanks!