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Some updates:
1. Updated parser to include all new capabilities of AGS 3.4.0
2. Added ability to add methods to custom speech function
3. Added DisplayTopBar to the list of speech functions
4. Playback of <Player> text will use the configured player character

Will release in the next few days, just finalizing some tests.

@Dave Gilbert:
1. I plan to include an option to show in the grid dialog text that is not shown or spoken, this it will be visible in the VO script. I'd like to release all changes above soon, will try to include that as well, if that won't happen now, will have another minor release with this change.
2. I reproduced the problem you reported of build while editing text. The changes are applied prior to the build, so nothing is lost, only that the edit box remains visible. The workaround is to go back again to edit mode and then cancel to get rid of that edit box. I"m still not sure what's the source of the problem, I'll work on it, seems to be related to the grid I used. It will take some time to work this out, but for now at least there's a workaround.
3. The fact that AGS ignores '");' at the end seems odd, I doubt it was done in AGS intentionally. However, if this is somehow officially supported I'll work to include that as well in the parser. If this behavior is just an artifact of some AGS parsing code, recreating this behavior in a different parser is going to be difficult, plus I assume AGS can break this behavior if it's not part of the official support.

Also note that at the moment the plugin will not work with AGS 3.5.0 Alpha version, there's a discussion in another thread regarding that issue.

New release (2.1.0) is now available here

1. Updated parser to include all new capabilities of AGS 3.4.0
2. Added ability to add methods to custom speech function
3. Added DisplayTopBar to the list of speech functions
4. It is now possible to display dialog option text even if it is not used for display or speech in the game
5. Playback of <Player> text will use the configured player character

Note that the minimum AGS version required for this plugin is 3.4.0.
At the moment the plugin does not work with the current implementation of AGS 3.5.0 Alpha.

Update: due to a fix in AGS 3.5 Alpha, the plugin now works with this release. The only caveat is speech playback is not working at the moment with that particular AGS release (this should work fine with AGS 3.4), I'll work on a fix for that, but everything else should function as normal.

I noticed I get an error in the refresh part of the plugin ("Files not fully parsed: somefile.asc..." ) when I am initializing an array of managed structs like:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. managed struct StarStruct{
  2.   int x;
  3.   int y;
  4.   int speed;
  5. };
  7. StarStruct * starfield[]; //background stars
  9. void initializeStarfield(){
  10.   starfield = new StarStruct[5];
  11.   starfield[0] = new StarStruct;
  12.   starfield[1] = new StarStruct;
  13.   starfield[2] = new StarStruct;
  14.   starfield[3] = new StarStruct;
  15.   starfield[4] = new StarStruct;
  16. }

The error points to the last column of the line `starfield[0] = new StarStruct;` and similar lines.

Plugin version:
AGS editor version:
Game Settings:
Debug: True
Left to right precedence: True
Enforce object based script: True
Enforce new audio: True
Enforce new strings: True

Is it possible to order the texts by location and line? This would allow reading the dialogs like... Dialogs! :]
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I see the issue and working on a fix. I suspect this bug has been lurking since the first release, thanks for finding and reporting it.

As for the question regarding sort, when you sort by location, the line numbers are automatically sorted in ascending order for all rows that have the same location. So if you have Dialog 1 lines 1 through 5, and you sort by location, you should expect to see lines 1 through 5 of Dialog 1 appear one after the other. I checked the code to confirm that's how it's supposed to work, if you have seen a different behavior, please let me know.

Just released a new version of the plugin that should address the issue. Please check and let me know.!AgDXrcGi1DGgb59otK4Z8fEy_9I

Solved it beautifully! Thank you! :]

Also you are right! Clicking on Location first does order by line number after! I think I clicked on something else after! Sorry for giving extra trouble.  8-)
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