Author Topic: Strange issue player.Say(" ") displaying a sprite elsewhere  (Read 111 times)


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 :angry: Tried recreating the Character, View, still it's like im not pointing to the same object?


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Since speeches are overlays they're always displayed below GUIs (I think, not sure), if you want the text over a GUI, you may try making another GUI with transparent background for displaying the text.

Ok i found out the reason... i changed this for god knows what reason!!!! and this creates this very weird effect, hope this can help some one else in the future, leave the Speech on LucasArt always.
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Sierra speech style is used to emulate the look of older Sierra games, some of them featured a talking portrait next to the spoken text. In that case you'd set up the SpeechView to contain close up sprites, possibly with a border.

You'll want LucasArts speech though, yes.

leave the Speech on LucasArt always
...unless you want the Sierra speech style.  ;)